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Speaking of her first Tinder date, Tasha* says: “I met him at a local pub.He was friendly and handsome, and it looked promising.If you’re looking to use Tinder to meet your forever love, your best bet is to make your intentions clear to your date before you actually hook up! According to Wired.com, as of May 2015, the estimated number of SINGLE Tinder users was a mere 54%!That means that 46% of this dating app’s users are married or taken in some capacity. I've been in a very happy relationship during the entire time it's been in operation, so I've had no reason to use it; also, it seems very high-pressure and that terrifies me.That said, though, it does seem to leave its users with some tales to tell — as evinced in this Ask Reddit thread about the worst and weirdest Tinder dates anyone has ever had. A couple of reasons, but mostly because it's not full of the sort of comically bad dates you laugh about later; it's full of a lot of WTF dates you think, “Good gravy, I'm lucky to have gotten out of that one relatively unscathed” about. And I say this as someone who found an awesome partner through online dating.You swipe left if you never want to see them again, and swipe right for further interaction.While the use of technology to wrangle a date is hardly new, Tinder has certainly paved the way for a new generation of blind dates–and the results aren’t always impressive!

Whether it’s nerves or just plain rudeness, you may just wind up with a no-show. Swipe to the left and they’re gone for good, and swipe to the right and they’ve become a consideration. Every so often online, no matter what digital dating avenue you choose, you will inevitably go out to dinner/coffee/drinks with someone who is off their gourd.

* dating app Tinder, Claire* says: “I made the account, and then deleted it 5 minutes later! The truth is, for every one person raving about the phone app, there are about 10 others shuddering at the memory of creepy Tinder experiences.

For those who have been living under a rock, Tinder is a dating app for your phone that encourages matches based on a picture and a blurb of a profile.

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