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The Enterprise then receives a strange message on a viewscreen in blackletter writing, "Greetings and Felicitations! The landing party beams down and finds the area to be a lush and breathable environment, contradicting Jaeger's original scans that the world was barren and couldn't support life.

", after the Enterprise responds, a follow up message is sent "Hip hip hoorah. They also come across what appears to be a medieval castle constructed in the middle of nowhere. Sulu immobilised, just before discovering a brash and impetuous being who identifies himself as "General Trelane, Retired" who soon returns Kirk and Sulu back to normal.

On stardate 2124.5, the Federation starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T.

Kirk, is on an 8-day supply mission to Colony Beta VI.

See more » In the bridge scene where Spock is dictating the Captain's Log after 14 orbits of the planet, there is a close-up shot of Uhura.

A cup is perched on her console above her right arm.

He indulges himself constantly, preening before some unknown audience, remarking on things with a flair which is infectious but not quite right - we can't quite pin it down at first, but there's something missing here.

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In the episode, a powerful being torments the crew of the Enterprise.

The officers manage to escape back to the ship but, like some bad cosmic penny, Trelane keeps popping up.

He brings them all back, including some female companionship, to continue his games.

Spock, meanwhile, manages to locate the landing party in a minute zone of breathable atmosphere, and beams everyone, except Trelane, back to the ship by locking onto every detectable lifeform in the area.

Unwilling to let his guests leave, Trelane makes an appearance on the Enterprises bridge.

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