Swiss women dating

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I only noticed this question now and reading some of the responses, I would like to respond as well.

One of the responses is a link to sex sites, others are frustrated with dating in Switzerland or dating the Swiss and I think some more positive views are needed.

she blushes and giggled at all of my flattering comments.

she left that same month of october to go back to switzerland. on the other hand there is a lady on my facebook friend list that is swiss and she has been the states for a few years now. she told me, " I am better then american women, don't compare me." very childish response when i told her she sounds just like american girls. No experience, but if money and security in life are your object, Swiss is the way to go.

And I'm not sure if Swiss women would date other races.

I think they'd basically just want a tall, handsome, cool white guy who speaks German fluently and who has an above average income.

I admit that the singles I work with are interested in dating with the goal of finding the right person to build a happy relationship with (often with the goal of marriage and a family).

I hear alot of Swiss men are marrying women from different countries (Asia, East/Central Europe, Noth America) Is there something wrong with Swiss women? From what I have seen so far, they are decent looking broads.

Myself being a Californian native living in Weggis & Luzern,having a few Swiss girlfriends and still praying to God;hoping that I someday I marry a Swiss woman(My life long dream! Swiss women like to be charmed...are honored,very flattered....

Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic People and Saner Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and More!

Skip to content i have had a very good experience with a swiss lady that came to the states back in october with her mom and dad. definitely very, very feminine kind, very light voice ( feminine light voice ).

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