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) Pure acetone will leave streaks on your plates, so they will look messy but it doesn't affect the stamping.

I would do my own, but I don't have a suitable camera.I have noticed that the ones that don't work so well are the old formula. The new ones will have the name of the polish on a sticker on the top of the cap.This is another popular question that is pretty hard to explain.There are some large plates (like, the size of a piece of paper) with tons of images and there are lots of options. I know of another brand called Nail Art Diva which is sold at some Lawton's stores here in Canada.I'm not sure where else they are available but they sell individual plates and special polishes. There are many generic brands there, and you can usually get a bunch for a good price. In my opinion, you will have much better success using a Konad brand stamper than any other.

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