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some shows have, for better or for worse, written them into the narrative.

but no show has written in a pregnancy quite like “underground.”the drama revolves around a group of slaves, dubbed the macon 7, who escape from their georgia plantation.

In the end, against my own expectations, I actually LIKE Tom and Mackenzie now that I know some more about them, and about how they view their daters' adventures.

I also must admit that there has been improvement in the results of the dates over time, and I expect things to get better in the future.

I'm hoping the Post keeps these two around for one more year... I'm hoping that someday, in the future, I'll find it hard to remember the last time I had to write something awful about this column.

And, most of all, I'm hoping that writing about Vikas' date next week is much less painful than I think it'll be.

The gossip connection is NOT accidental, as his biggest claim to fame is his family - his sisters are Plum Sykes ("Bergdorf Blondes") along with Lucy and Alice Sykes, all who have made a tear through the New York social scene over the years.Plus, those two people are none other than Tom Sykes and Mackenzie Dawson Parks, who share their thoughts on the dating scene. (You know, when they're not getting the daters' names wrong.) I'm so happy about this that I'm going to turn off my misanthropy for the rest of this writeup.Let's begin with the retrospective article: The biggest success was one that I did not predict; the pictured Ian and Pamela.I can't possibly overstate how bad of a move it was to set him up on a date for this column, and I believe Tom and Mackenzie agree as they use this retrospective as a chance to take another swipe at his poor manners.Well, enough is enough with the punk-bashing; I won't add to it any further.

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