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In preparing this bibliography, I have begun with the Peregrine edition of Steven Lukes' Durkheim: His Life and Work: A Historical and Critical Study (1988). As in the Peregrine edition, I have adopted the Lukes enumeration scheme, extending it to refer to specific English translations as well as to edited volumes in which these translations are contained. Pickering, "Complément àla bibliographie de Durkheim" Études durkheimiennes: Bulletin d'information, 2, 1978, pp. This software makes it possible to search and retrieve bibliographic citations using keywords, boolean searches, etc.

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Review essay on Wagner, Schmoller, Schaeffle, Ihering, Wundt, Post.

Pickering's article in Études durkheimiennes: Bulletin d'information (1978). These bibliographical references have all been stored electronically, using a bibliographic database management tool called End Note Plus. [Full text.] [Full text in Portable Document Format.] 1884a Durkheim, Émile.

Since the first edition of Lukes' book, the number of translations by different hands has increased greatly and this has meant that at least certain poor translations (such as 1933b and 1938b) have been superseded by those of better quality. For the time being, however, I have simply provided the following list of Durkheim's works -- both the original French and their existing English translations.

Notes taken by the French philosopher, Andre Lalande.

Student lecture notes taken from Durkheim's course on philosophy in 1883-84. "Schaeffle, A., Bau und Leben des sozialen Körpers: Erster Band." Revue philosophique 19: 84-101.

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