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Yes, you're right; it IS very difficult being me sometimes.

Under the PACE act of 1984 YOU can only arrest someone for a an offence that carries a minimum five year penalty and this at the very worst is common trespass which is a civil offence and not a criminal one and therefore doesn't count AND as you are not a serving Police Officer you have just breached the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 by restraining me against my will!The sound of earth falling and the noise of the mechanical digger shovelling it all on top of her had stopped a long time ago and she had cried herself out a long time after that. For the first time in her life she truly wanted to die and she wanted to die soon because she knew that an agonising death awaited her otherwise.The paralysing fear had gone to be replaced by feelings of depression and despair and nothingness. She had no chances, there was no point in expecting last minute rescues, she was finished, it was a horrible way to die and a sadistic one.I pulled the intruder hard against me clamped a hand over their mouth and said, "I am the householder and I am performing a citizen's arrest because you have entered my home with intent to steal… Good Morning Inspector Bannion, how nice of you to pop in!" she wriggled out of my grasp and despite the fact that her hands were pinioned behind her did a very good job of what Linda would call "going into one!

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