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1931—, 3ditor of the Joux^ nal of American Folk-Lore, 1923 — ; mem.

lolklore Soc.; interested in cultural anthropology and Indians of the Southtraati reaearoh \mdor way on Zoni myth- ology, and concordance of Shoshonean Folklore; fiold trips to Serrano, South- em Qalifomia, 1923, Zuni, litow Mexico, 1923, 1924, Cochiti, Hew Mexico, 19^, Pima, Arizona, 1936, tfescalero Apache, 1931.

» von ALP23ir3LS, 2thol Joaophino, 4326 Iftll WWity Way, Seattle, laah.

AJi SDM, Charles Avory, Southwoat Maseura, Highland Park, Los -\ngelcs, Calif*; homo, 4118 Montorey St., Lo3 .

of Sci., Siena Xi; interostod in lin^i sties, ojcperimonto.!

a3e'jiin, 1934 — ; interested in archaeology of Texas, Southwest and Mexico and Cen;;ral Merica; research under viay on designs of pottery foiaod in Vortbaaat and Sast faxafl* alao ganand auirear of Texaa arotiaeologr* BAEi ESTT, Homer G, , Dept.

Pollaon, Vashingt Jn; home, F&ilo- nath, Orocdn; b« 1900, Zdafao; B.


C Jamaiy, UB8 Copyrighted material Copyrighted material INTESHATIOJJAL DIHECTOHY OF MTHBOPOLOGISTS TABUS or CONTENTS 7n rew Q rd Section I.

, Gainbridgft, Uasa, JUb JUTT, Vondell Clatk, American Uuseum of Vatural History, TJth St, and Central Ihrk "est, i Tow York City; b.

Itaaeom of lat, Biat., 1931—; man, Si^na Xi, Am* Anthrop.

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