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The truth is, I'm pretty f***ing good at this.' Obamaworld also had its own 'members-only' vocabulary, some of it distinctly impenetrable.According to Litt, the term 'POTUS' was still a cool-kids-only word in 2011, but it was eventually shortened to 'P.'However, there was one Obama quirk that managed to put off much of the staff, Litt reveals.The line alluded to Vice President Joe Biden's remark that POTUS had a 'big stick' when it came to foreign policy.'Let's put it this way, dreams aren't the only thing I got from my father,' speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum wrote as a joke.

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He also reveals how the team - and other White House aides - drank, smoked, called each other 'bro', and liked - or pretended to like - only college basketball to please the president. Litt does not name the woman, but says that the aide who slept with her was clearly uninterested in a continuing relationship with her.

He went badly wrong in rehearsal, and seemed set for failure.

However, during Obama's second attempt, he 'hit the precise words that sold each punch line best,' as if he had been rehearsing all day.

Obamaworld was also a place where there was no other choice but to like college basketball or pretend to like it, as the former president was known to be a huge fan.

As the president's go-to comedy writer, Litt also pulled the curtain back on some of the jokes for Obama's White House Correspondent's Dinner speeches which did not make the final cut.

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