Fubar dating site reviews

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A lot of people will invite you to their fubar lounges where you can chat with other fu members.

You also get invites to play fubar games that are fun, and you get the chance to chat one on one.

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One of the best features of fubar is that you only need to share your pictures with whom you choose to apart from your main profile pic.

My experience with Fubar I have been Honest and upfront in my profile, my profile picture is the same one that I have here on hubpages.

I have stated that I am married and that I am looking for friends not a relationship or a fling.

What I like about fubar You start to earn points quite quickly and before long you move up in rankings, in one month I have reached level 8.

The quickest and best way to move up the rankings is to spend a lot of time on the site rating other users pictures and profiles, adding yourself as a fan and asking if you can become a friend, soon though you will have more friend requests than you send out.

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