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During the Battle of Ryloth, A BTL Y-wing starfighter crashed in front of her home.

Though the pilot died, Hera managed to pull an old astromech droid named Chopper from the wreckage.

"It was a simple story about a boy who was lost and a girl who was broken.

Syndulla was promoted to the rank of General and became a member of Alliance High Command. Her father Cham was a prominent Twi'lek revolutionary who had fought against the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars and later against the Galactic Empire.

She continued to serve the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War and was present on Endor following the Alliance's triumph over the Empire and the death of Emperor Palpatine. She and her mother hid underground while the Separatist Droid Army occupied her homeworld.

While Hera admired Kanan's courageous and wanted to recruit him, she decided to focus on her mission to investigate Vidian's reason for visiting the Gorse system.

Unknown to Hera, Kanan was a former Jedi Padawan who had survived the Jedi Purge.

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