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Ashley tries to wake him up and asks the remaining guys to help Tim leave the mansion. Team A is Ryan M., Constantine, Stephen, Matt, Ames, and Chris D. Jeff takes off the mask and shows his true face to her. Original airdate: June 13, 2011 1-on-1: Constantine. They help at a Baan San Fan orphanage to repaint and furnish the room in commemoration of the 2004 tsunami which devastated the country. has some one-on-one time with Ashley as he had been confident at the orphanage, and he gets a kiss from Ashley. Ashley thinks some of the guys have on their romantic charm. Group: Ames, Blake, Constantine, Lucas, Mickey, Nick, Ryan P., and J. They take part in Muay Thai and they fight on an outdoor arena in four matches: Blake vs. Ashley realizes she needs to let go of Bentley so she can fully embrace the remaining bachelors. He and Ashley take a walk on the streets of Kowloon and take a boat ride on a junk. Group: Ben F., Blake, Constantine, Ryan P., Ames and Mickey. in blue and Ames and Mickey in black; the black team wins.

Team B is Ben F., Bentley, Blake, Lucas, Nick, and West. They go to a comedy club for a Bachelorette roast hosted by Jeffrey Ross. He and Ashley plan to take a boat, but, they have to cancel due to bad weather and instead go shopping in Old Phuket. Only one person leaves the competition, with an extra rose being added on the night's rose ceremony. He and Ashley travel the market with lush colors and delicious Thai delicacies. They take part in dragon boat racing on Hong Kong Island in three teams: two guys with local people. They all happen to witness a local couple get engaged on a beach shore.

He talks with her about how her sister does not like him.

comes in first, and he thinks that he may be adding a new member to his family since his father died several years ago.

Via: US Weekly- "During his luxurious one-on-one date in Fiji with Ashley Hebert, The Bachelorette's Constantine Tzortzis threw in the towel and parted ways with the show's leading lady -- by choice."Things come naturally to me in relationships: Being a loving person, doing thoughtful things for somebody…those are things that I do instinctively.

I haven't been able to do that [with you]," the 30-year-old restaurateur reasoned to Hebert during an intimate dinner date." Read the full story at US Weekly!

thinks that his relationship with Ashley grow stronger while they were on a previous date back in Hong Kong and gets the rose for the third time. He and Ashley travel to Liberty Square for T'ai chi lessons. During dinner, Constantine has big news to tell to Ashley.

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“The truth is, she » - Lindsey Di Mattina The Bachelorette's Constantine Tzortzis has said that he wanted to leave the show "gracefully".I hoped I would leave with this type of relationship.“I was looking for something pop culture to tweet about, » - Lindsey Di Mattina They may not have won Ashley Hebert 's heart, but "Bachelorette" suitors Ben Flajnik , Constantine Tzortzis , and Ryan "Mickey" Mc Lean did get something out of the show: lasting friendships.She was put in a very difficult decision and in the end everything worked out for the best. In the end, Ashley hands Constantine the last rose, eliminating Ames. and Ashley have fun sailing and they snorkel on a reef. During the rose ceremony, Ashley gives roses to both Ben F. Both of the men get a chance to meet Ashley's family. P., leaving Ames and Constantine at the bottom two. They take a ride on a seaplane to a private island, their affection growing stronger. Original airdate: August 1, 2011 Final Dates and Final Rose Ceremony Ashley must choose between the two final suitors for her heart. comes, her older sister, Chrystie, disapproves of him, saying that he is too old for her. meets the family, Ashley and Chrystie argue over J.

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