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Working out delicate problems in physics was play for him. First Row: Imad Jaddu, Walid al-Dabbuni, Walid Elias, Fr. The Knights, first and second year students at Baghdad College, had explained to them in weekly noontime meetings their code of life: Prayer, Holy Communion, Sacrifice and Apostolate, according to the spirit of the Apostleship of Prayer. : 7042 f^C «' '«u O(Li U .1) products developed in the •'Bay&i* laboratories after extensive clinical trials are con- sidered as outstanding scien- tific achievements. THOMAS HENDOW BASRA IRAQ ANDREA s PHARMACY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL EHEMISTS TUSSAMAG COUGH MIXTURE BAGHDAD TEL.: 4432 PHOTOGRAPHER OF BAGHDAD COLLEGE GRADUATES SPECIALIST IN PORTRAITS BABYLON STUDIO JEAN, P R o p . At present Al-Hikma University offers two four-year programs of study, one leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, and one to the Bache- lor of Science degree in engineering science. When not playing intramural sports, hunting and stamp collecting were his interests. Debating Dramatics AMAD AL-BIR Quiet on the surface, but possessing depths of determination, Amad ex- celled at sports and at physics. Second Row: Jafar Allawi, Ahmad Muhammad, Ali Abdullah, Raad Bahnam, George Atchu, Muwaffaq Shamun. The Scenic and Artistic Director for the production was Husain Afnan. INCIDENT AT A YOUNG OAK - A P O S T L E S H I P KNIGHTS OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT The Apostleship of Prayer was again spread among Catholics of Baghdad College and throughout Iraq by the Knights of the Blessed Sacrament and Captains of the Sacred Heart. 86535 L e var k u sen '■» in, PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS AL IRAQI 135 As JD) j i;l yj L ji *^h Walk a mile for 44 FERIDA 5* 136 AL IRAQI UHAMMAD ISMAIL y Jjj Aj J^J j'j*-' k—j.-jia SURGEON DENTIST for BAGHDAD COLLEGE CHURCH STREET — BAGHDAD Tel.: Clinic — 7911 Residence — 9458 COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. Ill II ' I I I I I ■ I I I I I I |"lft* vl « ■ ■ ■ " ■ I I I I BOX 260 BAGHDAD IRAQ AL IRAQI 143 Dean of Men and Friends AL-HIKMA UNIVERSITY OF BAGHDAD Al-Hikma University is located in Zafaraniya, twenty minutes by car from South Gate on the main road from Baghdad to Kut. Debating Scientific Academy SABAH HARUTUNIAN This earnest young man has con- tributed much to B. His fondness for mathematics should bring success in engineering. Often seen with camera in hand, he showed wonderful school spirit at intramural sporting events. r Fifth Row, left to right: Nubar Jirair, Ashur Dick, Muham- mad al-Pachachi, Jawad Tuma. Second Row: Awni Makiyya, Dhaflr Faraj, Usama George, Jamal Ziyya, Amir al-Naib, Saad Asad, Roy Antranik. First Row: Qais Butros, A-Masih Francis, Salih Yunis, Fr.

Fourth Row: Daud Shaul, Konkis Michael, Hagop Jamil, Muhammad al-Tai, Muayyad Nasir, Mumtaz Faraj, Tawr Yusuf. J r Fifth Row, left to right: Hajar Mahdi, Ismail Khalil, Fatallah Yusufani, Nabil Nadim, Hagop Hovsepian. After Shawqi Talia departed for studies abroad, Muwaffaq Sim'ani carried on ably as prefect. 9 • • • • V_7J jjl C-i5j UJLp l^t Cj ipj; 1)1/1 J ^ e. Jp ,h^^ Jill CJjll jjiv-^jl -^ Aiili JI S-i^U Uij (ji^il .

In chapel, on stage, in the library, he gave himself generously. Apostles hip i'l Prayei Al-Iraqi Sin// Debating Basketball i'. Hamid al-Asadi SHIBIB HALABU A serious-minded but always smiling member of the class, Shibib was prominent in the Sodality and Apostleship of Prayer. Apostleship of Prayer Debating Elocution Contest SENIOR Rev. His speaking ability was displayed in the elocution con- test and on the debating platform. Debating Library Staff Elocution Contest Al-Iraqi Staff \^j J^i\o o WAJIH AL-SHAIKH Scientific subjects always fascinated Wajih. Scientific Academy YVAY1L HINDU A warm and friendly manner won Wayil many friends. His exploits on the basketball court and baseball field won top-rating and his per- formance in "Amahl" will be long remembered. Debating Basketball Team Dramatics Baseball Team Al-Iraqi Staff Track BAGHDAD YAQUB SHUNIYYA A good-natured and popular per- sonality, Vaqub was always an eager supporter of all class activities. al-Shawi COLLEGE YUSHIA QABLANU \ warm and winning smile gained Yushia many friends.

His knack for geometry has set him on the road to a career as a civil engineer. sil \l in [BR \lll\l Sincere, friendly, industi iou Shafiq won man ti u nd .11 Baghdad ( -"I- 1 1' had .1 gr;ii - inn and track. He intends to pursue his favorite subject, phys- ics, in mechanical engineering. He was a prominent member of the Scientific Academy, and chose mathematics and physics as his favorite studies at B. Mathematics and book-keeping were his favorite subjects and he hopes for a career in accounting. He loved a good game of football and .1 fasl Workout r, Yusuf Salim, Simon Sarkis.

Apostleship of Prayei Debating Scientific Academy Dramatit i Library Sin// Elocution Contest SENIOR Mr. First Row: Livon Dramirian, Amir Edward, Dilair Arma- ghani, Fr. J., Sabah al-Ubaidi, Nabil al-Azzawi, Mukhlis Edward. Yahya Barsoum Fifth Row, left to right: Surin Wartanian, Victor Kivorkian, Salih al-Nassuli, Peter John, Azam Rabia, Ghalib Saigh. Second Row: Muhammad al-Shakarji, Basil Hanna, Hafidh Abbas, George Yuil, Nadhir Abbas, Sabah Dawisha, Nazar Daud. A series of days of recollection on school holidays, a pilgrimage to the churches of Baghdad, daily Mass and Rosary in the Sodality chapel — these were some of the signs indicating our pursuit of the first aim, A school-wide collection of clothing for the poor, teaching catechism in Sulaikh and the Gailani camp, spread of devotion to Mary and Her Rosary, frequent reception of the Eucharist in and out of school — these were some of the activities inspired by the second aim. 747* PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS AL IRAQI 139 fl&t Cl GYM SHOES A MUST FOR ALL SPORTS TIhe are mac Ie of superior w Ihi'te, NAvy blu E, b ROWN or q REy duck wjt Ih Thick outer so Ie JUMBO — sp ECJAlly buil T fo R youqs TERS ANd ^fg| . A-^o-WI 0; ji JI J^Jc]\» JUil (j^j ^J jl j Jb Ui J ao UJi Jl^j . 5j-iil Jl jj V, i^l Jl jj Jl - o JL^UU Jl ryxil ,0)1 do Jl Jy^ Jl — 1 j U-U JJUaill JU c jtf JU J ^j y*~J ^JL&I.

A strong interest in chemistry points to thai field for the future. Second Row: Kadhim Nasir, Talal Fuad, Namir Faiq, Mushtaq Matti, Nidhal Mansur, Raad A-Jabbar, Varujan Wartkis. Third Row: Fakhri al-Hilali, Albert Marugil, Ramzi George, Munthar Philip, AM Shamsaddin, Muhammad Khalil, Zuhair Balal. Our Sodality activity has followed the recognized Sodality program aiming at holiness among its members and aid to others, both spiritual and temporal. Jlilj 4^- -)c\ Ja V JI'^Jl IJLa aj U-I jp J/j-il v» ^ ti lib ^j ^jli^.1 Li Ijo^-lj . — A^jy Jl A4^/lj jl^il s__-*-i Jl Z*j£- *X-\p Slji jj J^Ss^- ^-U a Jj JI jlj Aj^lll o;^l J j Lui ^jl — j lil — V . X*»il , Ip v_a5o1i Iaji-o JI**i1 jlj a^».iv«/» Lj aj — £ . ^_jcl Jl Ijla s L/I y~l L^a J , " i m « •* * ^ - - - v" - -.

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